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Client Resources for Divorce

Client Resources

Parent Education Program

Parents going through a divorce were required attend a Parent Education Program, to help  navigate co-parenting during this challenging time. Here’s a link with an update:

Financial Statements

In most cases the Probate and Family Court will require the parties to file a Financial Statement.  If your income exceeds $75,000/year, you should file a Long Form Financial Statement (otherwise, you should complete a Short Form). 

Child Support

Although every case is unique, there is a standardized child support calculator often used by the Courts.  Here is a link to the Child Support Guidelines worksheet to see what your order could look like:

The Latest on Your Case

Want to check the status of your case?  You can search publicly available information here:

Make a Secure Online Payment

Travers | Dombroski currently accepts secure online payments through most major credit cards or an electronic check.

For questions concerning your payment, please contact us at 617.423.0099

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